Collect all kinds of famous brand watch

Collect all kinds of famous brand watch

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The Swiss Customs Service estimates that between 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches replica and put into service a year. These counterfeit watches breitling watches cause substantial damage to the watch industry, both financially due to the potential loss of sales and brand degradation as a result of the market is flooded with counterfeit copies of original watches.

The annual fair known as BaselWorld watch industry attracts many attendees from China who spend their time photographing the latest models shown at the top luxury watch brands. Photos of these new prototypes and watches then find their way back to manufacturers in China, where they are quickly copied and made into replica watches. The fake watches are then rushed to the market, often before the authentic watch.

It is estimated by the office of Switzerland that 40% of replica watches come from China, though the forgeries are also made in other places, including the United States. In October 2006, Florida police arrested a woman who had been operating a counterfeit watch business that earned about $ 8 million in sales. It is estimated that sales of counterfeit see worldwide manufacturers of Swiss watches cost more than $ 600 million a year in lost sales. Once these have been confiscated fake watches, it is the duty of the Swiss Customs Service to destroy them. Surprisingly, in Switzerland, individuals are allowed to hold up to replica watches look fake one per person, provided that person imports into the country. In addition, the watch is imported does not include precious metals forging characteristics.

Two types of counterfeit watches

Counterfeit watches are divided into two groups: The first group is composed of cheap imitation watches. A cheap fake watch with the name of a prestigious brand, but lacks the design and functions.

The second group involves counterfeit watches designed to resemble the authentic original clock (a violation of trade dress). Some high-priced counterfeit watches are produced from top quality materials and have golden parts and leather straps.

One of the most popular watch models are Fake Watches - which are illegally manufactured replicas of authentic Rolex watches. As with many of the expensive luxury watch brand in the market, you can find Rolex watches are often counterfeited and sold illegally on the Internet and the street. Counterfeit Rolex Watches are mostly produced in countries that include Taiwan, Korea, India and China (2004 statistics show that 54% of all counterfeits seized originated in China) and can be found at a cost of as little as $ 5 to $ 1,000 or more for high quality replicas made of gold, although the majority of counterfeit Rolex watches use gold plating. Trade Rolex replica watches have become sophisticated, glossy brochures full color catalogs of counterfeit watches produced in China and released to retailers.

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